LR Tech Limited,is a custom molder of all kind of plastic mold,die casting and rubber mold and molding parts for plastic, metal and rubber for many companies.We produce a wide range of precision products from many different raw materials.We specialize in all kind of plastic mold, die casting and rubber mold; this enables us to focus our capital and effort on continually improving our mold and molding knowledge,expertise and technical capabilities.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on manufacturing your mold and molding industry. Please give us a call or email to arrange contact by one of our sales or engineering staff and to arrange a tour of our facility.


LR Tech Capabilities:

  • Unscrewing and Gear molds
  • Multi-cavity hot runner molds
  • Two shot molds
  • Insert and Over molds
  • Rubber molds
  • Prototypes
  • Die Casting Molds
  • Injection molding
  • Assembly and secondary processing
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